Website escrow broker

At GotDomain we are high touch validation and brokerage service.  Flippa has hundreds of websites, but with little to no verification. We escrow all data, money, and technology for websites. Our audit process validates good websites and exposes fakes. Our buyers are always happy because we take excellent care of them. Sellers need to be treated with respect, that is why when we escrow assets like accounts, emails, and money. The seller always gets to keep the money they earn while in escrow.

Brokering a website that has revenue costs $10,000/month. We escrow the site for 6 months so that we can determine that all revenue is authenticated. 

Why trust a seller 100% with something so complex if they can't garentee results. We have seen SEM arbitrage to inflate Google analytic stats and tons of evil tactics. Let us help you with buying and selling a major website by using our escrow service.