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Do you need a domain broker? You may not think so, but having an expert on your side can make a huge difference. I am the expert that you want. I am the creator of and have helped shape the domain industry as an ICANN participate all the way from the beginning in 2000. Starting in 2009 I started the process of applying to become the domain registries for .feedback, .forum, and .realty. As a CEO with contracts with ICANN I have a lot of industry connections ranging from ICANN officials to executives of registrars and registries. My background in the industry is very deep and I am a very good domain broker that works hard for my clients.

Everything is for sale. It doesn't matter what domain you want, it is available. Anyone with 200+ Billion can buy the domain But to a more practical matter the case and point is the America Farm Bureau owned and Facebook really wanted it. The simple answer was $8.5 Million and Facebook was able to get the domain.

So what domain do you want? If someone wants a domain that is not being used for a website then the costs go down a lot. Although I caution that the costs can go up when a seasoned domain investor owns the domain. Currently only 5% of the domains are owned by serious investors like Kevin Ham and Frank Schilling who are worth millions based on investing in domain names. Thankfully I have years of experience dealing with serious domain investors and I know key executives at all the major domain registrars and registries. When it comes to domain law I have an excellent understanding of what is going on, I have sat on committees that wrote the by-laws.

I have consulted on several huge projects which I am allowed to talk about over the last 10 years, names like,, and that sold for millions. I have also helped acquire several domains for start-up companies that were rather cheap but quality (,,,, and Those companies have gone on to do well because they have a good domain. A great domain name can be a useful tool to becoming a successful business.

I recommend having a budget of at least $5,000-$15,000 to acquire a good domain. It doesn't take a million dollars to get a good domain, but it takes research and knowledge to find domains that are of good value and fit with the project you are working on. Negotiations are the key, having multiple domains as a target and knowing what the minimum amount it takes to buy a domain from someone helps maximize my client's return.

I have consulted on Millions of dollars in domains. On one personal project, I spent $3000 buying while I spend $7000 to acquire (no "S"). This brand is worth well north of $20 Million now. However back then, I knew that DomainTools with the "S" was going to be the main brand, I could not let the singular version not be purchased before the launch. I would have ended up spending a minimum of $200,000 later on to purchase that domain. I saved the company $193,000. So I got both domains before the launch and secured all the typos as well. Building out a brand is important and easy to do but misspellings after the launch can be costly. One of my Clients was that wanted the typo of and it cost $9000 to get it because the main site was getting so much traffic, the typo was generating a lot of Ad revenue. The domain was making $13/day in ad revenue. You do the math and that turns out to be $4745 a year. There are a number of financial reasons to getting defensive domains early before the brand gets typo traffic and gets big.

Yahoo's acquired but it had to spend close to a Million Dollars to get it. These are million dollar mistakes by start ups. was bought and sold for under $20,000 several times after launched. It is such a huge mistake by Yahoo to not think about domains until years later.

If you have budget and some time before the launch let me know, I am available for private consulting. I can still save you money after the launch but it is always worth everyone's time to get started earlier then later. I promise I will save you money in the long run. I can look at your entire strategy and figure out how to help you. The earlier the better!