The process of buying a domain is already complicated. I like to make that process simple.  I have a minimum charge of $1000 for my time. Beyond the minimum, additionally charge 15% of the cost to purchase the domain. I cap my flexible cost at $5000 if the domain cost goes over $33,333.

What to expect:
We start the session by going over existing ideas. Talking about current domains the team is pondering. We continue later after I have had a chance to review the ideas from the initial meeting. I have access to several tools that I custom designed. I use the tools and talk with the founding team to research the best name.

My History:
As the creator of a semantic lexical domain naming spinning startup (which I sold for $18 million). My favorite tool is a propitiatory database of all words, terms, and semantic relationships. However even with several tips and tricks to securing already registered domains the best resource at my disposal is a vast network of domain industry contacts.